Advantage Services

Services at glace:
Credit Management
  • Mortgages
  • Personal and Business Line of Credit
  • RRSP and Investment Loans
  • Segregated Funds
Tax Advice Personalized Tax Minimization Strategy Integrating:
  • Tax-Advantaged Investment
  • Tax Deductible Mortgages
  • Retirement and Insurance Planning Solutions
  • Annual Tax Recovery Opportunities
  • Accounting and tax preparation services
Risk Management
  • Disability, Life, Critical Illness and Long Term Care Insurance
  • Private Health Services Plan
  • Emergency Medical Insurance (Visitors and Travel)
Retirement Planning Personalized Retirement Strategy Integrating Registered Pension Plans:
  1. Company Pension, Canada Pension Plan, Group and Personal RRSP
  2. Alternative Pension Plans
  3. Segregated Funds
Estate Planning Personalized Program of Tax-Effective Inter-Generational Transfer of Assets
Post Secondary Education Planning Whole spectrum of individual, group and family plans offered in Canada
Small Business Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Tax, Retirement and Investment Planning for shareholders and partners
  • Buy-Sell Agreement Funding
  • Business Succession Planning
Financial Planning Education
  • Individual and Group Financial Education Workshops on Innovative Tax,
  • Investment, Retirement and Insurance Solutions
Family Law and Financial Planning
  • Financial solutions in situations of:
    • Marriage Breakdown
    • Divorce
    • Death
    • Inheritance

Our Offers:

Live Your Dream

We believe that all wealth management starts with a dream. Our role is to help you develop a financial plan that will allow you to live your dream.

Live Your Dream

Whether your dreams are short-term or long-term, grand or modest, no matter what stage of life you are at, we want to help you live your dream. Dreams are very personal.

Your dream may be to finance your children’s education, to purchase a summer home or to enjoy a retirement free from financial worry. Whatever your dream, we are here to help.